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Interior Ceiling/Wall  

Technical Information

LED, 12W, 604-653lm, 
3000K, 90 CRI
Material: Glass / Steel
Versions:             Article Number:
Square LED        711213U
Round LED         711223U
Dimming: Yes, leading and trailing edge dimming

Weight: 8.9 lbs


Benefits & Features

Layers of stain and clear glass with a perforated metal mesh make GLASSA an extremely striking luminaire. Each substrate of this fixture is held securely in place with metal standoffs, giving GLASSA a sculptural feel. Round or Square, this fixture impresses as a ceiling or wall mounted fixture.

The GLASSA with LED technology provides perfect illuminations for hallways, kitchens and living spaces. The creative form of this fixture adds a unique design and ambience to any environment. 


  • Glassa Round and Square
  • 711213U
  • 711213U-wall
  • 711213U-wall
  • 711213U
  • 711213U-wall
  • 711213U-wall
  • 711213U-detail
  • 711213U-application
  • 711213U Application

Item Numbers

711213U square LED GLASSA
711223U round LED GLASSA

Information Downloads

Model IES File Spec Sheet
Glassa Sales Flyer   pdf
711213U   pdf
711213U   pdf