SLV ushers in a new generation of office, retail, hospitality and exterior lighting drawn from an assortment of classic and modern fixtures. All built to the SLV standard - style, affordability and craftsmanship - delivered with our excellent performance as a supplier and partner.

SLV luminaires for optimal workplace lighting

Light plays an important role when planning workplaces. SLV's office and work space lighting is designed for performance and oriented to the future by combining functionality, high-quality materials and a timeless design.

Workplace lighting

Hospitality - Restaurants and Hotels

We support you in your quest for the right lighting with a wide range of interior and exterior luminaires. We offer modern products with an attractive design for a variety of usage in the field of restaurant and hotel lighting.

SLV luminaires for hospitality venues

SLV retail lighting solutions

Light makes shopping a thrilling experience by influencing a consumer’s behavior. SLV’s sophisticated lighting concepts provide the perfect lighting options to highlight architectural elements, product qualities and create an ideal shopping atmosphere.

Shop lighting solutions