Hospitality - Restaurants and Hotels

Hospitality - Restaurants and Hotels

SLV luminaires for hospitality venues.

Those in the hospitality venues know the right lighting contributes significantly to the overall impression of a hotel and restaurant.  It produces emotions and, if skillfully staged, invites your guests to linger. Along with proper mood-lighting, you also need a coherent luminaire design, suitable to the building's architecture. Likewise, the functionality, efficiency and longevity of the luminaires play a part. Careful selection of the lighting used in these facilities is essential.

SLV has the right luminaires for your space

We support you in your quest for the right lighting with a wide range of interior and exterior luminaires. We offer modern products with an attractive design for a variety of usage in the field of restaurant and hotel lighting. Alongside single luminaires, we have complete product series which provide a homogeneous appearance using modern materials such as plaster, concrete, or textiles and in trendy colors.

Pendants, for example, create a shielded atmosphere and a feeling of privacy. Wall and ceiling lights provide you with balanced base illumination. Choose from our extensive product offering of LED pendants, ceiling, wall track and recessed fixtures most delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Light creates the space

In the hotel and restaurant industries, each room has different demands in terms of lighting. A wellness area, for example, has completely different challenges in terms of the lighting technology, than a restaurant or a lobby. In these spaces you alternate between relaxation and an “experience;” therefore, the blending of the right light source is essential. We can help address space needs by providing numerous combinations of lighting systems to accomplish the right look and feel.