Office and Work spaces

SLV luminaires for optimal workplace lighting.

Light plays an important role when planning workplaces. When properly used, light can increase general well-being, make working easier, and raise both creativity and productivity. SLV's office and work space lighting is designed for performance and oriented to the future by combining functionality, high-quality materials and a timeless design. SLV luminaires meet the requirements of modern office lighting: they are suitable for display screen workplaces (UGR < 19) and for glare-free lighting in the workplace. Our ideas for office and work space lighting will win you over in every aspect.

Efficiently lighting offices and work spaces

From simple controls to high efficiency; lighting needs to master a variety of tasks and take a wide range of requirements into consideration. Efficient complete solutions ensure that every space shines in the right light. Highly-efficient technologies, sustainable and energy-saving lamps are what characterize SLV's luminaires – this has a positive effect on your energy costs. 

SLV's luminaires adapt themselves to the most varied sorts of room situations. Warm light creates a comfortable atmosphere in living areas/lounges. Ceiling lights, pendants and downlights present your reception area in the best possible light. You can use surface-mounted lights and LED Profile solutions to produce accents in hallways. Feel free to ask us, we would be delighted to advise you.