Make shopping an experience with SLV's retail lighting solutions.

Light makes shopping a thrilling experience by influencing a consumer’s behavior. SLV’s sophisticated lighting concepts provide the perfect lighting options to highlight architectural elements, product qualities and create an ideal shopping atmosphere. Whether the retail space is a supermarket, department store, fashion boutique, or an auto dealership, lighting impacts how the consumer feels, what they think of a product and ultimately the choice or whether to purchase or not.

Function focused and energy efficient retail lighting.

Energy efficient and function focused lighting is what makes the difference for SLV and ultimately to our customers.  SLV offers an extensive range of spots, recessed and track systems direct light to where it is most needed to entice interest. Our quality craftsmanship and short delivery times presents a win, win situation for our customers. 

Lighting advice from the professionals: 

Light effects: Light draws the attention of the observer onto the products. In most cases, a mix of indirect and direct lighting is suitable for this. Our track spots and track systems provide pleasant ambient lighting. Point illumination using individual spotlights draws the focus onto individual objects. 

Creating accents: Here, you highlight special features such as the material or colors of a product. Using our recessed fittings and spots with various beam angles, light colors and luminous flux, can create specific accents. 

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