Our inspirations and applications give you design and lighting ideas for the home.  Light determines a room's effect and is therefore essential for a comfortable, welcoming home.

Inspiration for the right lighting for your home.

Inviting and safe, these are the qualities of a well-lit residence. To properly light the entrance of a home includes a combination of path, bollards, flood and spot lighting. Present your house in the right light with proper outdoor lighting and increase your curb appeal.

Lighting for the entrance

Beautifully lit hallways and stairways.

Hall and stair lighting shows a perfectly clear way through your home. SLV offers a large selection of ceiling and wall luminaires to provide good illumination in these sometimes light deprived areas. 


Beautifully lit hallways and stairways

The perfect light for your living room.

You are only truly at home when you have the proper light in your surroundings. The living room particularly presents many different challenges. The lighting concept, which is at the center of the actionis the living area, this area should have multiple light sources. Our ideas make you want to use light – be inspired by SLV.

The perfect light for your living room

Enhance the great outdoors with light

The right outdoor lighting for your home and garden can enhance its appearance. Carefully matched and staged outdoor lighting, such as pathway, floor, floodlight and ground spikes can produce an impressive exterior. Whatever you choose to do, SLV offers an extensive range of quality outdoor lighting with energy-saving LED lamps, waiting to light up your exterior. 

Beautiful lamps for garden lighting

Lamps to provide good light in the bathroom.

Much is demanded of lighting in bathrooms: bright light for personal care and subdued lighting for relaxing. Therefore plan your bathroom lighting using a coordinated team of light sources which you can control and change as needed. Here at SLV you can find suitable luminaires to make your bathroom a "feel-good" area.

Good light in the bathroom and guest toilet

Atmospheric islands of light in the bedroom.

Proper lighting is essential for comfort in the bedroom. Our luminaires range from general lighting through decorative light sources to functional reading lights. Create several small islands of light and combine several luminaires from the SLV product families – ceiling, wall and pendants.

Atmospheric islands of light in the bedroom

How to light a kitchen.

The kitchen is so much more than food prep; it’s inevitably where everyone gathers when entertaining, so it’s important that the lighting is both task-oriented as well as ambient and friendly. In every case, SLV has the right kitchen lighting solutions. 

The perfect appearance for your kitchen