Living room

The perfect light for your living room.

You are only truly at home when you have the proper light in your surroundings. The living room particularly presents many different challenges. The lighting concept, which is at the center of the actionis the living area, this area should have multiple light sources. Four to eight luminaires is a good guideline. This enlarges the room optically and fills it with a warm, homey atmosphere. Display lighting over pictures, plants and decorative elements can be used to create accents and thereby add to a varied ambience. SLV offers a comprehensive range of wall lights, ceiling lights and floor stands in modern designs and trendy colors fitted with energy-efficient lamps to give you pleasant base or background illumination. If you want to be able to adjust the brightness of your room to suit the atmosphere, choose from our dimmable luminaires. Our ideas make you want to use light – be inspired by SLV.