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Imagine the possibilities of a luminaire which can be artistically customized and stylized for any interior application. Simply prime the luminaire and apply decorative techniques such as: wall paper, airbrush, stencils or decoupage to Plastra’s unique easy-to-enhance surface.

Designing plaster luminaires

We are backing LEDs, are you?

LEDs are the future of lighting. They offer infinite benefits such as; unlimited uses, naturally sustainable and energy-saving to name a few. Discover the variety of our LED products with more than 1200 solutions.

Lighting with LED

Create a "feel-good" atmosphere outdoors

Be inspired by our comprehensive range of modern outdoor fittings. For all types of environments lighting ideas for the outdoor area create a welcoming atmosphere and add a kind of soul to your outdoors.

Outdoor lighting ideas


Aesthetics is our middle name at SLV. Collaboration with our in-house designers and cooperation with well-known product designers and leading technology partners leads to the creation of innovative products within our company which reflects the latest trends.

Designer luminaires

Dim to warm

Dim your LED lamp with Dim-To-Warm and Tri-Dimming. The new modules available in our Professional Recessed (PR) and Mix and Match Icona series provide a dimming  experience similar to incandescent lighting.

Dim to warm

Our Materials

Our lamps come in a wide range of different materials. But something they all have in common is their classic formal design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Our Materials


When it comes to illuminating a space, SLV’s mix and match families offer endless options. Combine pendant cords with a variety of shades to suit your decor. Change styles? No problem, we offer shades in a wide range of high quality finishes, colors and stylings. Add one of our vintage-style bulbs for an instant new look.