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Imagine the possibilities of a luminaire which can be artistically customized and stylized for any interior application. Simply prime the luminaire and apply decorative techniques such as: wall paper, airbrush, stencils or decoupage to Plastra’s unique easy-to-enhance surface.

Designing plaster luminaires

We are backing LEDs, are you?

LEDs are the future of lighting. They offer infinite benefits such as; unlimited uses, naturally sustainable and energy-saving to name a few. Discover the variety of our LED products with more than 1200 solutions.

Lighting with LED

Create a "feel-good" atmosphere outdoors

Be inspired by our comprehensive range of modern outdoor fittings. For all types of environments lighting ideas for the outdoor area create a welcoming atmosphere and add a kind of soul to your outdoors.

Outdoor lighting ideas


Aesthetics is our middle name at SLV. Collaboration with our in-house designers and cooperation with well-known product designers and leading technology partners leads to the creation of innovative products within our company which reflects the latest trends.

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